Fishing Alarm – Fishing Rod light Bite Alarm Fish Alarm bells

Fishing Alarm – Fishing Rod light Bite Alarm Fish Alarm bells

Fishing Alarm - Fishing Rod light Bite Alarm Fish Alarm bells

  • Sound-light alarm device. Maximum volume up to 80dB
  • The outer layer, sealed without bolt, is made up of sturdy and durable ABS.
  • Usable with different kinds of rod in different terrain and weather.
  • Power saving. The three batteries equipped can be in use for 1 or 2 years if the power is turned off when in no use.
  • No damage to fishing line. it is very sensitive to fish which swallows the bait.

In view of the characteristic of fish swallowing bait, this electron-technology based fishing alarm overcomes the shortage of traditional bell-alarm. It can reduce the fishermen’s tiredness which is caused due to the excessive attention paid to rod, and therefore they can really enjoy the amusement of fishing. The fishing alarm is especially popular with night-time fishermen who have several rods to take care of.

Product Feature:

o Sound-light alarm device. Maximum volume up to 80d

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Night Fishing For Catfish – Tips on How to Select the Right Catfish Baits at Night!

If you have not been catfishing at night you are missing out on some intense fishing action! It is not uncommon for me to come home with 20 to 30 2lb plus ready to fillet catfish. If you love to eat catfish you know this size of fish makes a mighty tasty meal. Catfish will eat just about anything at night but I found out through experience that some baits work better then others and I would like to share those with you in my article today.

1.0 My #1 favorite fishing at night catfish bait is the horned chub.

There are many different types of chubs that are local throughout the united states that work well for catching catfish. A chub is any one of a number of ray-finned fishes in several families. For my article today I will concentrate on chubs that are commonly found in small creeks and rivers. I am referring to the creak chub which is of the family of Cyprinidae (Minnows and Carps). The creek chub is also commonly called chub or horned chub. Creek chubs have a thick body and a broad head. Their mouth is large with the back end of the upper jaw extending beyond the front edge of the eye. They also have a small flap-like barbel that is often hidden in the grove between the upper jaw and the rest of the head. The best size chubs to use for bait are the ones that are 3 to 6 inches in length. The best way to fish with creek chubs is to cut them in 2 to three inch strips, and use a 1/0 bait holder hook. You can use the fish guts after you cut them up for a very good active chum, so do not throw the guts away.

2.0 My number two favorite night fishing catfish bait is the bluegill.

Make sure you check with your states department of natural resources to make sure it is legal to fish with the bluegill. The bluegill is also common referred to as the sunfish, and bream. The blue gill is actually classified in the family of sunfish. If you want to catch larger catfish, I have found that the bluegill are the best bait to use. I always set up one heavy duty catfish rig with a blue gill for bait. The best size gills to use are small 3 to 4″ in size. I will push a 4/0 bait holder hook just under the dorsal fin, so the blue can swim freely. I Use a slip bobber set so the blue gill can roam just off the bottom. You won’t catch a lot of catfish with blue gill but the ones you do catch will be of the large variety. I have caught many 10lb plus catfish using gills. You can also use them to catch smaller catfish cut up in strips just like fishing for chubs.

3.0 My #3 favorite catfish live bait is the gizzard shad.

When I use shad as a night fishing bait my preference is the threadfin shad because they are small and you can use the entire fish with a 1/0 bait holder hook. The threadfin shad is normally only 3 to 6 inches in length and a perfect size for fishing for catfish. The other shad I will use is called the gizzard shad. They are much larger in size normally 6 to 15inches in length and must be cut into to strips from 3 to 6 inches in length. For larger catfish you can use much larger strips to fit on a 4/0 bait holder hook. You can catch your own shad with a minnow seine, or you can purchase them from a local bait store.

Well folks that concludes my article on night fishing for catfish,catfish live bait,catfish baits,fishing with gizzard shad for catfish,catch catfish with bluegills,catch catfish with chubs,catch catfish with horned chubs,catch catfish with creek chubs. Stay tuned for more articles on the subject of night fishing. May your next fishing trip be a success!

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Bait Fish – Check Out These Useful Tips on Using Small Fish As Bait

The art of of fishing smaller fish for bait is no big secret but you need to learn what bait fish work best and how to use them for different game fish. Small fish are probably the most popular and widely used type of live bait world wide used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Freshwater Anglers use small fish to catch small 6 inch freshwater pan fish such as bluegills or yellow perch on up to large sturgeon. Saltwater anglers use bait fish to catch marlin, sailfish and Spanish mackerel just to name a few. Most all saltwater predator game fish can be caught using a combination of some type of small fish. Most freshwater fisherman use smaller fish as a live bait, but these baits can be cut into pieces called cut bait also. This is a very good method of fishing for multiple sub species of the catfish. Many saltwater fisherman use live bait fish also but using bait fish as cut bait is very common and preferred by many saltwater anglers.

Many of the bigger predator game fish with feed mainly on smaller game fish for example bluegills or yellow perch, or even small fish in their own species. As the game fish grow to trophy size, their food diet reaches nearly 100 percent smaller game fish. The reason we mention this is because you can use thus information to your advantage. You need to make your bait selection based on the size of game fish you want to catch. Most game fish will go after baits that are close to the size of bait fish they normally eat in their natural food chain. One thing we need to mention is to check with your local state or providence department of natural resources to see if it legal to use game fish such as bluegills, sunfish or yellow perch as live bait. In some states and provinces it is not legal. Another factor when selecting your bait is the liveliness and hardiness. You are probably wondering why this makes a difference but this is a very important factor because most game fish, especially predator game fish will not strike dead baits.

Typically the following small fish are very hardy as live bait and will stay alive for long periods of time. they include fathead minnows, rosy reds, American eels, and madtoms. The following bait fish are know to be hardy and with a small about of care will last long periods of time too. They include daces, creek chubs, redtail chubs, stonerollers, white suckers, goldfish, sculpin, bluntnose minnows, and bluegill. all of the listed hardy bait fish need to be kept cool and have fresh air aerated to the bait container. The following list is of delicate bait fish and probably a bad choice for live bait unless you catch them and intermediately use them as bait, or have a very good bait tank on your boat that circulates water from the water source you are fishing into your bait tank. They include the common shinner, golden shinner, red shinner, yellow perch, killfish, emerald shinner, spottail shinner, ciscos,shad, and smelt.

Hooking your bait fish the right way is often overlooked and probably the main reason many people have lost fish they thought they had hooked. If you are targeting smaller game fish such as crappie, bluegill, yellow perch and using small fish there are literally dozens of different hooking methods. As a rule of thumb, as your baits get larger your rigging options get smaller. Also the body size of your baitcan give you different hooking options. For example a long thin body bait fish such as a sucker give you more hooking options then say a deep body bait fish such as a blue gill. Don’t overlook how you hook your bait it is a very important part of using bait fish to catch game fish correctly.

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Ready to Fish Soft Sided Tackle Bag Reviews

Ready to Fish Soft Sided Tackle Bag

Ready to Fish Soft Sided Tackle Bag

  • Multiple Storage CompartmentsPadded ShouldersAccommodates Expansion Kits, Dial Boxes Popular Plano tackle boxEverything you need grab your fishing pole and Ready to Fish tackle box and hit the water.

Ready to Fish Soft Sided Deluxe Tackle box The Ready 2 Fish soft sided tackle bag is loaded with features to keep your fishing tackle o Adjustable compartments, waterproof, pockets for electronics Complete with cable net to hold jacket and gloves.Easily transport your tackle from garage to fishing hole — while keeping it protected, well organized, and easily accessible — with the South Bend Ready 2 Fish Tackle Bag. The waterproof bag offers a variety of adjustable compartments, including a ded

List Price: $ 29.99

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Fishing for Dummies

Fishing for Dummies

Make fishing easier and more rewarding every time you pick up your rod and reelNo one can promise that you will catch fish all the time. For as long as we’ve been catching fish, fish have been outsmarting us. But there are tips and pointers that even the most seasoned anglers can pick up!Fishing For Dummies helps you prepare for what awaits beyond the shore. From trout to carp and bass to bonefish, you’ll get coverage of the latest and greatest techniques to fish like a pro.The latest in fishing

List Price: $ 21.99

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Fishing for Catfish: The Complete Guide for Catching Big Channells, Blues and Faltheads (The Freshwater Angler)

Fishing for Catfish: The Complete Guide for Catching Big Channells, Blues and Faltheads (The Freshwater Angler)

Fishing for Catfish: The Complete Guide for Catching Big Channells, Blues and Faltheads (The Freshwater Angler)

For years, catfish have taken a backseat to more glamorous species like largemouth bass and walleyes. But times have changed. Today, nearly 10 million anglers wet a line hoping to do battle with a monster cat. Learn how to catch bigger catfish than ever before.This book is a comprehensive look at the world of catfish. Beginning with the biology of catfish, Author Keith Sutton then follows with the where-to and how-to information that will lead to successful fishing. Beyond locating fish and rig

List Price: $ 21.95

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Shore Fishing Tips and Tricks for Channel Catfish Where to get your own – T-Turn 3-way swivel here: This video is loaded with catfishing tips and tricks, and some great channel catfish catching action! Ivo takes you on the shoreline of a small creek and explains many secrets to help you land those catfish, such as warm water discharge hot-spots, and more. As always, good fishin’!

Dolphin Catfish Rig – Stainless Wire w/Swivel & Snaps

Dolphin Catfish Rig – Stainless Wire w/Swivel & Snaps

Dolphin Catfish Rig - Stainless Wire w/Swivel & Snaps

  • Catfish Rig
  • Stainless Wire w/Swivel & Snaps
  • pre-rigged
  • staineless swivel and snaps

Dolphin Catfish Rig – Stainless Wire w/Swivel & Snaps

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How to: Catching baitfish on Sabiki rigs

This Fishing World presentation shows you how to go about catching your own live bait using Sabiki rigs.

When catching bait fish with a casting net, it’s important to have some means of keeping the bait fish alive. Use nets of various sizes to catch bait fish of for different purposes with advice from the owner of a tackle shop in this free video on fishing bait. Expert: Larry Mastry Bio: Larry Mastry and his brother Dale own Mastry’s Tackle, a fixture in St. Petersburg, Fla., and together they have a half of a century’s experience in fishing. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Catfish Bait Secrets Revealed! Tips, Tricks and Secrets To Ultimate Catfishing!

Catfish Bait Secrets Revealed! Tips, Tricks and Secrets To Ultimate Catfishing!

Catfish Bait Secrets Revealed! Tips, Tricks and Secrets To Ultimate Catfishing!

Do you LOVE catfishing? Are you looking for catfishing strategies, amazing tips and tricks to help you catch the big one?

Well, first of all, you have to start with the right bait. When you get the right bait combinations, you will have catfish biting left and right!

Now in the fantastic ebook called, “Catfish Bait Secrets Revealed! Tips, Tricks and Secrets To Ultimate Catfishing!”…you will learn all the insider pro tips on reeling in the big one!

Here is a sne

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