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The U.S. Navy’s plan to replace its old frigates and destroyers is in a mess

A lot of the Navy’s shipbuilding plan is in jeopardy as the Trump administration struggles to build a fleet of fast, cheap and modern submarines that can keep up with the evolving threat posed by China and Russia.

The U-turn comes after the Navy and Defense Department issued a joint statement on the topic saying that the program “is not viable and must be reconsidered.”

It’s not the first time the Trump Administration has made changes to the Navy program.

The Trump Administration announced a new program to modernize the Navy in October of 2017, calling it the “America First Defense Plan.”

The plan calls for the scrapping of the fleet’s traditional diesel-electric submarine, the USS John F. Kennedy, and replacing it with a new, more agile, lighter and more powerful fleet of subs.

The announcement of the JFK’s demise, however, came a year after the Pentagon announced that it would be retiring the USS George Washington, a submarine that was part of the U.K.’s nuclear-powered Submarine Force.

That submarine, which was part a nuclear deterrent, has also faced the loss of several submarines in recent years.

In addition to the JFK and George Washington hulls, the Navy has several other submarines in service that it is considering retiring.

One such submarine is the USS Bonhomme Richard, which is also part of U.N. nuclear-armed peacekeeping forces.

The Bonhomie Richard is scheduled to retire at the end of 2020, and the Bonhomemie Richard and Bonhomies are both decommissioned, meaning they are no longer required to serve in any capacity.

The Navy also is considering the retirement of two of the Bonhams’ submarines, the Bonnies, and is considering whether to retire the Bonnamie Richard or to build an entirely new, nuclear-capable sub, the HMS Essex.

The USS Lexington is also scheduled to be decommissioning.

Although the Bonny and the Lexington have both been in service since the 1960s, both of them are now considered obsolete, and are scheduled to decommission by the end the decade.

An older and less powerful version of the Lexington is scheduled for decommissionation in 2026, and an entirely modern submarine, based on the Bonnicie Richard, is slated for decomission in 2028.

Currently, the U-2 fleet is being retired and the UH-60 Black Hawk is slated to be retired in 2021.

The Air Force’s new UH60 Blackhawk was designed in the late 1960s and was originally built to replace the U2 spy plane, and was built by Boeing to replace a Lockheed Martin F-117 fighter plane.

However, the Air Force has recently said that it plans to retire that aircraft and replace it with the Lockheed Martin-built Black Hawk II, which will have a range of 1,000 miles.

A retired UH58 Black Hawk helicopter, which the Air Department said would be decomissioned by 2021.

UH-1, UH62 Blackhawk helicopters, and a retired U-1.

Two of the four UH66 Black Hawks currently in service.

These helicopters were the primary UH aircraft for the Vietnam War, but they were decommissionable in 2021 due to the Pentagon’s plan that the U H-1 and U H 62 Black Hawks should be retired as soon as possible.

Three of the helicopters, the two older helicopters, have been in active service since 1973.

This photo shows the Ugly Duckling, the last UH Black Hawk built in 1968.

Retired UH61 Black Hawk, U-61, and UH64 Black Hawk helicopters.

Several of the older UH helicopters are slated to retire, including the U69 Black Hawk.

Another UH helicopter, UF-58, which has been in constant service since 1976.

Four of the current UH 61 Black Hawks have been retired or mothballed, and they are scheduled for mothballing by 2022.

While the UB1 and BH1 have served for years in a variety of roles, the current generation of UH 63 Black Hawks is slated, according to the Air National Guard, to be mothballable in 2023.

Also retiring from service is the UF6 Black Hawk that was first deployed to the Persian Gulf in 1990.

The aircraft, which also has a range, was originally designed to replace an older U. S. Marine Corps A-6 Skyhawk aircraft.

It is expected that the Air Corps will mothball the UU5 aircraft, the A-10 Thunderbolt II.

But the Air Forces plan to retire all of its B-52s, including its B53-1s, from 2023, and replace them with the B-2 Spirit.

“In the meantime, our aircraft have been retrofitted for other missions,

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