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A lot of people think that we are all stuck in the past, or that we have all become too cynical and stupid to do the right thing. 

The truth is that we’ve been stuck in a time warp for quite a long time.

In fact, we’ve already crossed over to another world. 

Here are 10 ways to turn back the clock.1.

Stop believing the hype and just start believing the truth. 

What is the truth?

The truth is, we all have our own preconceived notions about how to live our lives.

It’s what we’ve come to accept as the reality.

The problem is that our assumptions have been hijacked by the media and the social media bubbles. 

It’s time to stop believing the media hype and start believing what is actually happening. 


Stop assuming the media is unbiased. 

I can tell you right now that the media doesn’t have an agenda.

They simply want to spread the best news they can. 

We’ve all heard the media claim that the United States is experiencing a pandemic, yet we know the pandemic has never existed in the United Kingdom.

Why is this?

Because we don’t see it. 3.

Stop trusting your friends and family. 

In the United Nations, we can see the human rights abuses happening every day.

We can see people in Bangladesh and other developing countries being forced to work on farms and for the poor.

We know that many of our friends and families have experienced these horrors. 

They don’t want to help.

They don’t believe in the solutions they’ve been given. 


Stop blaming others. 

You know what’s worse?

You’re blaming yourself. 

“I didn’t do it, I didn’t let my guard down, I was too trusting,” the author of “Why We Believe What We Believe” says. 

Instead, stop blaming others for your own mistakes. 


Stop judging others.

We’re all in this together.

We are all just people trying to live a better life.

It doesn’t matter what your background is, what your religion is, or what your political views are. 

There’s a reason why you’re all friends and you all want to make a difference. 


Stop giving up. 

Everyone is going through a period of grieving and it’s hard to get back on track.

You might feel like you’re falling apart, but trust me, you can get back up.

It takes a lot of courage and determination to move forward. 


Stop looking at the wrong people. 

When we’re in a period like this, we often look at the bad and focus on the positive.

We focus on people who have wronged us, like our parents, our partners, and others.

This causes us to be overly sensitive and even feel bad about ourselves. 


Stop listening to what the media tells you. 

All the media says about the state of our world is true.

They’re wrong. 

This is because we are so busy reading the headlines that we don�t get to hear what’s really happening.

This is why we see so much negativity and distrust in our society. 


Stop focusing on yourself.

When we focus on ourselves, we ignore the negative and start to believe the positive in our own lives.

This makes us feel good about ourselves, but it also puts us in a negative state of mind.

It makes us doubt our own strength and abilities, making us more vulnerable to negative experiences. 


Stop watching the news. 

Many of us have spent years reading news and articles on social media and have lost track of what is really happening around the world.

We think that the news just keeps changing and we don`t notice the things that really matter.

Stop reading the news, and start thinking about the world in a more positive way.

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