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What’s next for Ethereum in 2018?

Ethereum is expected to continue to be a dominant force in the blockchain industry, as its price and reputation are still high.

The currency is expected by many to see more mainstream adoption in 2018, but with its price now approaching $2,000 per coin, it could be interesting to see how that changes the landscape of the industry.

The cryptocurrency is already gaining traction in the US market, with many people seeing its advantages over traditional currencies as a result of the technology’s scalability.

Ethereum will likely see a number of changes in 2018 with the upcoming release of the Core Ethereum version 0.12.2, but there are also plans to bring Ethereum’s native blockchain app to mobile devices.

In a statement, a team at the Ethereum Foundation wrote: “We’re excited to see the Ethereum Core wallet coming to Android and iOS in the coming months, and will be releasing more features for these devices, including integration with our smart contract SDK, which will make it easier for people to build on top of Ethereum’s blockchain platform.”

Ethereum is also expected to see significant gains in 2018 due to its growing adoption in the broader financial and technology industries.

The platform is expected take the leading position for 2017, as the US and UK economies continue to grapple with the crisis, and the US government’s decision to ban bitcoin from the US financial system will likely impact the cryptocurrency market.

In 2018, Ethereum will continue to gain traction in both the US dollar and the euro markets.

In the US, the cryptocurrency is expected increase in value, which is expected due to a strong year in the United Kingdom, where it’s trading at $1,200 per coin.

However, as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are seeing more widespread adoption, the exchange rate will likely increase.

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