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Why the world should care about female fish

The world’s biggest fish is getting more attention and recognition than ever, thanks to a series of international studies that show female fish are faring better than male fish in their lifespans.

The Globe and Mail’s The Story Behind the Fish article Female bettas, or female blue-finned tuna, have been a staple in the fish world for more than a century.

And the story behind the fish is one of hope.

Read moreThe fish has long been seen as a threat to human health and the environment, with concerns about the health of its female offspring and the impact of the rapid rise in the number of female tuna catches in recent years.

But scientists have found that the female fish is thriving, and a new study published in the journal Science suggests the fish may be doing better than previously thought.

The results of the new study, which involved more than 3,000 tuna caught between 2000 and 2012, show that females are catching more fish than male bettacos in a wide range of environments.

And the fish has been catching more tuna since the 1980s than in all the previous decades combined, the researchers said.

The findings are an important step toward better understanding the fish’s health and welfare, said biologist Richard C. Johnson, the study’s lead author and the chair of the department of biology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

“There is still much more to learn about the fish, its health and its population, and we need to understand what are the environmental and physiological factors that may be impacting it,” he said.

Tuna is the world’s largest fish and is the largest marine animal in the world.

It’s also a relatively poor indicator of fish health, because it is so often caught in small, cramped environments that are unsuitable for keeping the fish.

It’s not clear why females are being selected for success in the fight against climate change, as male fish are being caught in far more productive places, and the female tuna is not faring as well as male tuna.

But the researchers say the new research supports previous studies that have shown the fish to be healthier than their male counterparts.

“It’s possible that the fish species that are in the greater Pacific and the Atlantic is doing better, and there are many other factors,” Johnson said.

“We are working on that now, trying to understand how it’s happening, and what is going on with the fish.”

The scientists studied the health and reproduction of female betta-blue-fin tuna in captivity in California and Alaska.

They found that they were more fertile, had fewer reproductive problems and had a healthier overall health profile than male blue-fins.

The new research also supports earlier studies showing the female-tuna population is growing, with female bluefin tuna reaching about 2.6 times the average adult male.

The scientists also found that female bluefins are far less likely to become sick or die than male tuna, and that females had a lower risk of mortality than males.

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