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How to draw a cat in 3 easy steps

Here are three quick and easy ways to draw the cat in your drawings.


Use a black pen.

If you can’t find a black pencil, use a plain white pen to draw something with a black background.

This helps to prevent the cat from seeing the pen and can also be a distraction.

If there’s no black on the page, you can also use a black marker to draw an outline.


Draw a picture of the cat with a brush.

This will allow the cat to see the picture and will help the cat feel less intimidated by the drawing.


Paint the cat’s eyes with a colour.

A bright colour will help to get the cat moving.

The cat’s eye colour should be neutral, but the cat may not notice the colour as it is black.


Using a brush can help to draw cats, even though it can be distracting.

This can help the viewer to remember the drawing and also make it easier to draw.

If the cat is drawing with a white pencil, the black colour may appear darker than the white.


Using the brush is an easy way to get a cat moving and it can also help to remember to draw with the brush when you’re drawing.


Use the shading.

This is the drawing where the cat moves, and the shading is the subtle shading of the colour in the drawing that shows how the cat feels.

Use shading sparingly to show the cat and to help the artist to remember a drawing.


Using white pencil to draw faces.

You can use a white pen with a pencil to make a drawing of a cat, but this is not recommended.

This could cause the cat an unpleasant experience.

Instead, draw the face with a sharp brush.


Using shading can help draw the eyes, but if the cat has to make some effort, use the shading sparingfully.

The eye colour can make the drawing easier.


Using shadow can help you draw the ears and nose, but you should never use it on the head.

The shading of shadows can also make the cat uncomfortable.


Using brush to draw lips and ears.

Use your brush sparingly and only on the lips and eyes.

Use it sparingly on the face and not on the eyes.


Using drawing stick to draw hair.

Use drawing stick sparingly but only on eyebrows and the hair on the back of the head or the sides of the neck.


Using draw stick to make cat ears.

This drawing is very easy to do and is very fun.

Draw ears with the drawing stick.


Using pen and pencil to put up a drawing in your home.

The drawing can be done with a pen and a pencil or a paintbrush.


Using an eraser to draw circles and lines.

This one is a little tricky because you have to draw out the circles and line using a drawing stick and erase it with an erasing pen.


Using pencil and eraser on a drawing to draw shapes.

Use pencil and a drawing pen to make circles and squares.


Using black and white drawing to make shapes.

You’ll also need a black and yellow marker to write out the shapes.


Using chalk to draw lines.

Use chalk sparingly for this drawing.


Using watercolour to make animal prints.

You might need to use watercolour or a white marker.


Using paintbrush to draw birds.

You should use a paint brush to make birds.


Using eraser and a pen to trace the outlines of cats.

Use eraser sparingly, but make sure to keep the pen level when drawing.


Using your own sketchbook to draw animals.

The drawings can be very detailed, and this is one of the easiest ways to show a cat that you can draw a pet.

You may need to take some practice drawing a cat with your own drawing book, but once you can do it, you should start drawing your own cats.

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