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Why Illinois fishing license is a catch-all for hunters

Illinois license holders will soon be able to take advantage of a new federal law that allows them to take fishing licenses and hunt as well as legally fish in their state.

State Sen. John D’Amico, R-Chicago, introduced Senate Bill 511, which was approved Tuesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The measure makes it easier for Illinois license hunters to hunt in other states, such as Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota, and allows hunters to bring a license to a state where they live.

It also provides a temporary fix to a law that was enacted last year and expired on Dec. 31, 2016.

The temporary measure was signed into law by President Donald Trump.

D’Amicos measure is the first time a fishing license has been offered by the federal government since Trump signed the federal Fish and Wildlife Service Act in December 2016.

Under the law, licenses are issued for the purpose of hunting fish, birds, wildlife, insects, plants and insects, wildlife and fish.

The Illinois law allows hunting in other countries and does not require a license or identification.

The state has about 2,300 licensed fishermen and anglers.

“When the federal law expires, it is clear to me that Illinois should offer licenses to our hunting license holders,” D’Ameo said.

The new law will apply to license holders in the state of Illinois who want to hunt or fish in other nations and territories.

It also allows the state to grant licenses to licensees who live in another state, where hunting or fishing are legal, if the person is registered with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources or the state department of conservation and natural resources.

Licenses are required for hunters and angler in Illinois, but not in other jurisdictions.

They are issued by the U.S. Fish and Game.

The bill requires a license holder to present a hunting license to any other person who intends to hunt, fish or collect wildlife, or to have a firearm or ammunition carried.

The person must also have a valid Illinois hunting license issued by a local government.

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