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Whitefish fisherman dies after he fell into black hole

Whitefish, Montana, is known for its whitefish fishing and tourism industry.

But this summer, an angler named Jeff Kagan lost his life.

The angler had been fishing on the shores of the Black Hole Lake for over two years.

He was in the middle of fishing when he fell in the black hole.

The Black Hole is a huge, dark, swirling hole that has a diameter of over a mile, and it has a length of just over six miles.

It’s also the world’s largest black hole, and scientists estimate that it is the most massive black hole in the universe.

It’s also a bit of a mystery as to how Kagan fell into it.

He died a few days after he was caught, and he wasn’t wearing a harness.

Kagan, who was 43 years old, was a certified whitefish angler, and a certified fisherman in Montana, according to his family.

His mother told Al Jazeera that she thinks he fell while fishing and the rope snapped, killing him.

The body of Kagan was found in a pool of blood on the water, and there were bruises on his body, which were consistent with the injuries he suffered.

According to the Kagan family, the incident is still under investigation.

“There is nothing we can say at this point,” Jeff Kagen told the Montana Department of Fish and Game in a statement.

“There is a possibility that he was swept into the black holes and not the other way around.”

A spokesperson for the agency said it will take “a very close look at the circumstances surrounding this accident.”

It’s not clear what caused Kagan to fall into the hole.

There are no known other sources of water, but the Black Holes lake is filled with fish, so the blackholes water quality is not always perfect.

But the blackhole is also very cold, and the blackbody winds, which are the winds that blow through space, can reach temperatures of minus-60 degrees Celsius.

The gravity of the black body winds can make it difficult for people to swim through the hole, but a fisherman could swim through it, according the agency.

The Black Hole’s gravity is so great that the water can sink to the bottom, but it is still very cold.

According the Kagen family, Jeff Kager’s death is the second death of a whitefish fisherman in the Blackhole since 2015.

A fisherman died after he slipped and hit his head while fishing in May of this year.

This summer, a fisherman named Mike Bivins lost his arm and leg in the hole as well.

In September of this last year, a man was found dead in the lake.

“The black hole is an incredibly strange place,” said Mike Bivey, a marine biologist with the Montanan State Park in the state of Montana.

“When you are going through it the first time, you’re going through an enormous void.”

Bivey said that while it’s not a place that would be expected to have an abundance of life, it is not uncommon for animals to live there.

“This is one of those areas where you would expect to see some wildlife, especially if it’s a wintertime,” he said.

“And yet, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.”

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