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The Government’s new climate change target will help fishers, not climate change

The Federal Government has promised to increase funding for fishers in an effort to tackle climate change, and one of the key aims of the Climate Change Authority (CCA) is to boost their access to funding.

It has been a key policy of the Coalition government, and the CCA has received more than $1.5 billion over the last four years.

This will go a long way towards meeting the needs of fishers.

Key points: The Federal Budget will allocate $1 billion for the Cca in 2018-19The Government has committed to a $2.5 million increase to the COAG fund over four years to help support fishersThe Federal Government says it will increase funding to the Cta, by an extra $2 millionA key element of the CBA’s mission is to assist fishers through the implementation of new legislation.

The Government will allocate a $1 million increase in the COA’s budget over four-years, and $2,500 to the Reef Fund.

It says the new funding will go towards the Cba’s “essential services to fishers and the community”, and will include the establishment of new fishery sites in coastal waters.

The Reef Fund is a government program that helps support coastal areas.

The CCA is set up in response to the need to help reduce emissions of CO2.

The Climate Change Act provides the Government with the authority to set a target for emissions, and then work with states, territories and local government to achieve that target.

Under the act, the CcA has the authority “to promote climate change mitigation and adaptation measures to protect human health and the environment”.

The Cca will work with state and territory governments to determine where to put investment into climate change adaptation, which will then be funded by the Federal Government.

The Federal government is proposing a major increase in COA funding over the next four years, to $2 billion.

The increase will be achieved through two major initiatives.

The first will be to increase the amount that will be allocated to the “basic research and development” budget, which is the money allocated for research into technologies and new technologies.

The additional $2m will go into a research and innovation fund that will fund new projects to improve the use of technologies such as water desalination.

It will also be a major source of funding for marine protected areas, which have been a priority for the Government.

These areas cover some of the world’s most remote and environmentally sensitive areas, including the Great Barrier Reef, and are critical for the sustainability of the reef.

The second initiative will be the creation of a “fishery support fund”, which will be able to provide a funding boost to help small and medium-sized fishers access fishing licences.

This will allow fishers to buy fishing licences at lower prices than other types of fishing licences, and will help to support the recovery of stocks in the Coral Sea and surrounding waters.

Fisheries minister Kevin Andrews says the Ccb has the ability to address climate change.

Key points:The Government’s Fisheries Minister Kevin Andrews will meet with experts on ocean pollution and fishing practices at a climate change summit in New York on FridayThe Ccb will also support research on ocean-atmosphere interactions in the Great LakesThe Reef Trust will provide a $10 million boost to the National Fisheries Strategy.

The reef trust will provide $10m to the Great Coral Sea Marine Park and its fisheries and marine conservation activities.

“The Cba is an essential service to the community, and we recognise that the Cga will continue to be an essential support to the fishers,” Mr Andrews said.

“We will continue investing in our fisheries and our marine parks to ensure that our fishers are able to manage their fishery activities with the same level of confidence that they would if we were to operate our own.”

The Ccba is a non-profit organisation set up by the Minister of the Environment to ensure fishers have access to the funding they need.

Fishers need the funds to continue to work on their catch, maintain their stocks, and help the reef to recover.

“As well as supporting fishers on the reef, the Reef Trust is a major contributor to marine biodiversity, supporting marine wildlife by providing research and habitat support, and providing conservation assistance,” the Ccca said in a statement.

The fund will be used for research on fish pollution, climate change and the Great Ocean Barrier Reef.

“With the Reef Reserve under threat from the threat of climate change pollution and increasing ocean pollution, the funding will help provide the necessary funding for researchers to monitor and understand the impacts of ocean pollution,” the Reef Foundation said in its statement.


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